Volunteering - our lifeblood


About our volunteers

Volunteer Support Network

Specially recruited, trained and supervised volunteers support all components of the hospice programme. Some volunteers help support patients and their families while others help with reception, administration, computers, drivers, fundraising, Day Programme hosts, flower arranging, baking & preserving, knitting, biographers, gardeners, housekeeping or car cleaners.

Our HospiceShop Volunteers

Hospice Taranaki's five retail HospiceShops are staffed with the support of a huge team of skilled and dedicated volunteers. The contribution of volunteers enables Hospice Taranaki to help raise vital funds to care for patients and families within Taranaki Region.

HospiceShops Warehouse Volunteers

Hospice Warehouse on Borrell Ave, New Plymouth has a large team of skilled and dedicated volunteers, using their various backgrounds to assist Hospice make the most of each and every item donated.

To become a volunteer - we need you!

  • HospiceShops including the HospiceShops Warehouse - Please call into your nearest HospiceShop to request an application pack.
  • Or if you are interested in helping in a HospiceShop in the South (Hawera or Stratford) text or phone Tania Brown on 027 521 1449.
  •  If you are interested in helping in a HospiceShop in the North (Westown, Waiwhakaiho or Waitara) text or phone Jessica Sinclair on 021 537 707.
  • Te Rangimarie and/or in the community, then please contact Lianne McElroy at Te Rangimarie 06 753 7830 or email  Lianne McElroy  to arrange a time to meet.
  • Biographies, then please contact the Support Services Manager - Stacey Marshall

If you are not sure how your skills might help then please contact Lianne McElroy either with a call (06 753 7830) or email lianne.mcelroy@hospicetaranaki.org.nz

  • Reception to fill in casual positions - to answer phones after hours (4.30 pm - 7 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 1 pm Saturday) and occasionally fill in for short times during the day for the full-time receptionist. 
  • Housekeeping - casual rotation - morning duties from 8.30 am - 11.30 am approximately, evening duties from 4.30 pm - 7 pm approximately.  Morning duties consist of cleaning the hospice, including the patients rooms, and doing any washing, drying or ironing that needs to be done, working as part of a time.  Evening duties involve catching up on any cleaning and laundry that is still to be done, and providing an evening meal for the patients, as part of a team of two.
  • Providing transport - this involves transporting patients to and from the Day programme, and taking patients to appointments if they are unable to get there themselves.  A clean drivers licence is essential for providing transport
  • Respite sitting - sitting with patients to provide a break for their carers, and company for the patients.   
  • Biographers - recording patients' stories in their homes and transcribing them so they can be printed off and bound at Te Rangimarie
  • All HospiceShops & New Plymouth HospiceShop Warehouse are looking for volunteers 

Special Skills

If you have any specialist skills which you think may be of help to Hospice Taranaki, please contact Lianne McElroy either phone 06 753 7830 or email Lianne

Hospice Taranaki

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