Hospice Awareness

Hospice is not just a building; it is a philosophy of care. The majority of people receiving support are cared for in their homes. 

Our goal is to help people make the most of their lives; to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

Hospice can provide care and support for anyone living with a life limiting condition. People with life limiting conditions such as multiple sclerosis, respiratory disease, motor neurone disease or dementia can benefit from palliative care.

We care for the whole person, not just their physical needs but also their emotional, spiritual, and social needs too.

We care for families and friends as well, both before and after a death.

Hospices are independent charitable organisations providing care and support completely free of charge to people using our services.

Whilst free of charge to people using hospice services it costs a lot to provide, in 2019/20 it will cost Hospice Taranaki over $4m.

As an essential health service provider, hospices (NZ wide) receive funding from Government; however financial support from the community is essential to meet the shortfall - in 2018 the total required from fundraising efforts was more than $45m nationally.