Kaiawhina (Cultural Support)

Guidance and Support

Our experienced kaiawhina is available to patients or anyone in the whanau who would like cultural support.

  • Our kaiawhina can meet either at your home, at Te Rangimarie (Hospice in-patient unit), on the marae or in another setting.
  • Patients may wish to talk about cultural and spiritual needs; our kaiawhina may be able to offer guidance around tikanga Maori (cultural practices), planning for future care and tangi hanga (funeral)
  • Kaiawhina can help with whanau hui (meetings), karakia (prayer), waiata (song), cultural advice and support.
  • Can provide linkages between whanau and community groups, Marae, Ministers, kaumatua. 

Meet our kaiawhina - Alice Doorbar. You may contact Alice by phoning Hospice Taranaki 06 753 7830

Ngā Aratohu Tangihanga

Tangihanga Guidelines

We are privileged to be able to present to you the Tangihanga Guidelines...

Tikanga and kawa guide tangihanga funeral processes. The purpose of the following guidelines is to educate whānau by sharing information about tangihanga on the pā and marae of Taranaki Iwi. These guidelines are not a definitive manual on all tikanga tangihanga. Only through experience, wānanga and returning home to the pā and marae of Taranaki Iwi can tikanga tangihanga be learned properly.

To learn more, please click here to download the 24page document