Queenstown Half Marathon 2019 - in memory of Jono Snowden - UPDATE

Hospice Taranaki received the following information from Emma Powell:

"My name is Emma Powell, I am a doctor at Auckland City Hospital, and also a good friend of Jonathon Snowden.

Jono and his family had a lot to do with Hospice Taranaki before he passed away earlier this year from oesophageal cancer.  His family and his fiancé Katie have said on numerous occasions how wonderful the care they received was and how they wouldn't have got through the difficult months leading up to his death without the support of your lovely staff.

As such we wanted to do something in return.  A number of his friends, and I, are running the Queenstown Half Marathon in November, in Jono's memory.  We will be doing some fundraising with all the money raised to be donated to Hospice Taranaki in Jono's name.  We are getting t-shirts printed for the event and would love it if we could put Hospice Taranaki and your logo on them to raise awareness of the wonderful work you do.  I wanted to make sure that would be ok with you before dong so.

I appreciate first hand that working in healthcare is rewarding but also so incredibly demanding and at times very difficult.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the incredible work you do, often without enough funding and I'm sure often without enough thanks.  You really do make a huge difference in people's lives."

Here is the link to Emma's Give A Little page.

Emma's Give a Little Page raised $5,235 for Hospice Taranaki.  Thank you Emma and friends!  We are really appreciative of the effort you all put into organising this, and running in the half marathon.  

07 Nov 2019