Other support services

Other support services

Te Kahu Pairuri Hospice Taranaki provide an array of support services to assist service users at this time in their lives.  The support services include spiritual care, kaiawhina support, counselling, art therapy, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, biography services.  Click here for full counselling/support services

Other helpful Services:

Please note we periodically check these websites to ensure information is accurate, but we are not responsible for the advice provided by them.

Advance Care Planningadvancecareplanning.org.nz

Taranaki Cancer Society:   cancernz.org.nz - Taranaki

Canteen:   canteen.org.nz

Multiple Sclerosis Society:   mstaranaki.co.nz

Age Concern:    ageconcern.org.nz

Alzheimers:   alzheimers.org.nz

National Heart Foundation: heartfoundation.org.nz

Motor Neurone Disease: mnd.org.nz

Tui Ora: tuiora.co.nz

Central Cancer Network: Central Network.org.nz

House for Karen:ask your nurse for details or see the House for Karen facebook page

Air New Zealand: research compassionate fares

Bellyful:  https://www.bellyful.org.nz/

Te Ipu Aronui: https://www.teipuaronui.co.nz/

Te Hokinga á Wairua. End of Life Services NZ: https://endoflife.services.govt.nz/welcome

Health Navigator NZ: https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/

My Medicines in Te Reo Māori: https://www.mymedicines.nz/Home/TeReo

Eat a Rainbow: https://eatarainbow.co.nz/  

Seasons for Growth - Program for Children and Young People (Good Grief Program)

Continence NZ (helping kiwis young and not young) - https://www.continence.org.nz/