Other support services

We provide chaplaincy services when needed and have access to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and speech therapists.  Click here for full counselling/support services

Other helpful Services:

Please note we periodically check these websites to ensure information is accurate, but we are not responsible for the advice provided by them.

Advance Care Planning: advancecareplanning.org.nz

Taranaki Cancer Society:   cancernz.org.nz - Taranaki

Canteen:   canteen.org.nz

Multiple Sclerosis Society:   mstaranaki.co.nz

Age Concern:    ageconcern.org.nz

Alzheimers:   alzheimers.org.nz

National Heart Foundation: heartfoundation.org.nz

Motor Neurone Disease: mnd.org.nz

Tui Ora: tuiora.co.nz

Central Cancer Network: Central Network.org.nz

House for Karen:ask your nurse for details or see the House for Karen facebook page

Air New Zealand: research compassionate fares

Bellyful:  https://www.bellyful.org.nz/

Te Ipu Aronui: https://www.teipuaronui.co.nz/

Te Hokinga á Wairua. End of Life Services NZ: https://endoflife.services.govt.nz/welcome

Health Navigator NZ: https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/

My Medicines in Te Reo Māori: https://www.mymedicines.nz/Home/TeReo

Eat a Rainbow: https://eatarainbow.co.nz/  

Seasons for Growth - Program for Children and Young People (Good Grief Program)

Continence NZ (helping kiwis young and not young) - https://www.continence.org.nz/