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Support Services Team 

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Providing emotional, social and spiritual support to our patients and their families/whanau is an important part of what we do. Our trained counsellors help not only the patients but also families/whanau and carers cope with the issues arising from the illness and support them during bereavement.

What support services are available:

  • Counselling
  • Carers' Programme
  • Bereavement Support Group
  • social Work
  • spiritual Care & Advice
  • Memorial services
  • Arts therapy
  • Biography Service
  • Bereavement Support

For information regarding Coping with Loss and Grief, please click here

For information regarding the Support in Residential Support Facilities for patients and their families/whanau, please click here

Carers can support your loved ones by:

  • Doing your best to be a good listener.
  • Being truthful.
  • Enjoying the good days - Make the most of your time!
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, and ask for help.


Counselling is the process of helping and supporting a person to resolve personal, social, or psychological challenges and difficulties.

Social Workers provide care, advice and support to people with personal or social problems and help with community and social issues.

Spiritual care seeks to help people discover hope, resilience, inner strength and peace in times of illness, transition and loss. It acknowledges the value and uniqueness of each person and responds compassionately to the challenges and needs of individuals with a life limiting illness. Spirituality is the aspect of our humanity and refers to the way we seek and express meaning and purpose, the way we experience our connectedness to ourselves, other, the sacred, nature, creativity and to the moment. Further information about spirituality can be found at:

The Creative Arts Therapies are based on the idea that creativity enhances the well-being of all people and is a natural aspect of all cultures and human experience. Further information about arts therapy can be found at

Everyone faces death in their own way; making choices and having control is an important way to keep your dignity at the end of life.

Moku a no enei ra

ka hekejeke; he rakau ka

hinga ki te mano wai!

Let these few days be for

me, for the declining sun;

a tree falling through

many floods of waters

Introducing our Hospice Support Services Team

Stacey Marshall - Support Services Manager & Registered Arts Therapist

Stacey is responsible for ensuring appropriate support is provided for Hospice patients, families/whanau,  children and significant others as required. She also has a client caseload and offers arts therapy as an option for when words are not enough or for when there are no words.

Stacey works with children, patients, family/whanau members and those who are bereaved. 

Contact Stacey by email here or phone 06 753 7830 ext 8669 - Monday to Thursday

Tarsha Lawrence - Counsellor 

Counselling is the process of helping and supporting a person to resolve personal, social or psychological challenges and difficulties.  Tarsha is a provisional member of NZAC.  She provides individual counselling for Hospice patients, their family members, children and those who are bereaved.  Tarsha also facilitates the Bereavement Support Group and Carers' Programme hosted throughout the year.

Tarsha is available Wednesday to Friday by email here or phone 05 753 7830 ext 8679

Annemarie Molloy - Spiritual Carer/ Counsellor

Annemarie cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and family/whanau members, from within Te Rangimarie Hospice. She facilitates two memorial services a year in New Plymouth.

To contact Annemarie email here or phone Wednesday and half days on Monday and Friday - 06 753 7830 ext 8672

Kelly Moore - Counselling Student 

Kelly is in the process of completing a 3 year Bachelor of Applied Counselling degree at MIT.  Kelly liaises with our Aged Care Clinical Nurse Specialist regarding support for Central and South Taranaki residents in Aged Care Facilities and working with appropriate referrals in these areas.  She also facilitates counselling support, mediation, debriefing and education for staff in Aged Care Facilities where required.

Kelly can be contacted Mondays and Tuesday by email here  or phone 06 753 7830 ext. 8641   

Jackie Price - Social Worker

Jackie completes social assessments which assist the wider Hospice team to provide the best possible support to patients and their families/whanau.

This involves advocacy, as well as providing information and referrals to other agencies as required. Jackie can provide information and assistance with a variety of resources including Meals on Wheels, Medical alarms, Mobility Parking, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wills, Rest Home placements, and Work and Income entitlements including Funeral grants.

Jackie also assists with discharge planning within Te Rangimarie Hospice and completes visits to community patients at home and patients in either Hawera or New Plymouth hospital.

To contact Jackie email here or phone Monday to Thursday - 06 753 7830 ext 8655 OR 027 262 6952

Mark Wester - Social Worker

Mark is available every Friday or when Jackie is away. To contact Mark email here or phone 06 753 7830 ext 8655 OR 027 270 1834

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