Little Red

Sarah and Jason Johnson, the Directors of Hopaholics Brewery in Greymouth, have developed a craft beer called Little Red, and 10% of the profits from this beer will be coming to Hospice Taranaki.  The information that Sarah sent regarding this beer, and the reasons for the involvement with Hospice, is as follows:

The beer is a red session ale, named for our friend Warren's red Morris commercial truck, Little Red.  It is the sort of beer where you have the first sip, say 'yum that's nice!" and before you know it, it is finished and you find yourself wanting another!

Both Warren and Paul liked beer.  We met Warren when we were house truckers, and he died from oesophageal cancer. 

Paul was a big part of our lives even though we live in Greymouth, and wholeheartedly supported our idea to open a craft brewery.  He spent his last Christmas with us and liked our Pilsner, which we were delighted about as he was a connoisseur of wine and coffee and later of craft beer, so we knew if he liked it that it was good!  We had great conversations about which craft beers we had tried and which we thought were the nicest.  Consequently a common gift was the latest 6 pack of craft beer we had found!

Jason, my husband, is a celebrant, and he performed both Warren's and Pauls funerals.

When we think of beer, both Warren and Paul look large in our minds.  We wanted to create a beer that memorialises and honours their memory (at least for us and their friends and families).  We want to give something back in their memory.  Both men ended up dying in a Hospice and both received excellent care and support.

The Blurb on the box states:

Little Red 5.4% standard drinks 1.4 per 330 mls.

This popular toasty, amber drop is dedicated to all our loved ones, present, future and past.  It reminds us of what's awesome in our lives, the nostalgic memories of our youth, that comfortable vibe of hanging with friends and family, that feeling in your heart when you return to the place you belong.  Like the good times, this malty red number will leave you wanting more! 10% of the profits from this beer goes to Hospice Taranaki.

Sarah and Jason are currently setting up an online store so that people can order 6 packs online.  If you are ever in Greymouth, their Hopaholics Brewery is at 15 Stuart and Chapman Drive, Karoro, Greymouth, 7805. 

24 Oct 2019