HospiceShop Happiness by Shelley Landon-Lane

My HospiceShop experience started a couple of decades ago when I regularly visited the Westown store in search of whatever took my fancy.  Books, mainly, I recall at 10 or 20 cents a pop.  Insane!  My collection expanded tenfold.

The thrill of finding a treasure and paying a nominal amount felt like the ultimate retail therapy.  I went back for more, guilt-free, as my dollars were assisting the incredible service Te Rangimarie Hospice offers patients facing end of life.

I was able to furnish flats cheaply, find beautiful crystal bowls, candle holders, pictures, casserole dishes, CD's, wine glasses, pots and pans.  Useful items that were in perfectly good order.  Why buy new?  Clothing was cheap to re-purpose or purchased sometimes just for the buttons.  Over the years I have noticed the same people, like me, bargain hunters, shopping for things they need.

On a recent shopping excursion this year I spied the Volunteer Application Form by the cashier, and thought 'Hey, I could volunteer here.  Give something back to this organisation'.  Also, as I work for Harcourts, who have a nation-wide association with this charity, I felt it was a good fit to volunteer locally.

Westown HospiceShop manager, Jessica Sinclair, interviewed me and thought I would be an asset to the clothing department, pricing clothing, shoes and handbags, which is where I now 'work' behind the scenes.  I absolutely love it and look forward to volunteering on Thursday afternoons.  I place the 'new' stock I have priced into the shop and replenish where necessary.  Sometimes items are taken as soon as I've hung them up.

Shelley and Trish, Counter

I have also experienced being behind the counter and enjoy the public interaction, recognising that same inner thrill I have felt.  I highly recommend getting involved in the HospiceShop environment if you are considering offering your time to a worthy cause.  The people who already volunteer exude positive energy and commitment and are great to be around with the common goal of all lending a hand and time.  I am proud to be involved. 

Shelley on the HospiceShop Counter

If you would like to be a volunteer at one of our HospiceShops (Westown, Waiwhakaiho, Waitara, Stratford or Hawera) please pick up an application pack from the HospiceShop nearest you. 

29 Nov 2019