Whakapapa - our logo story

Our logo features the kowhai flower, for many years this flower has been associated with Hospice, chosen for its links to medicinal properties.

The native Tūī and other birds can be seen drinking from the kowhai trees in the surrounding gardens of Te Rangimarie - inpatient care unit. The Tūī moves purposefully from kowhai to kowhai symbolising the care a person receives from our community-based care teams.

Hospice is palliative care and the conceptual translation in Te Reo Māori; Kahu is a practical serviceable garment worn for warmth and comfort, Pairuri can be translated to solicitude or compassionate care. Collectively it is, Te Kahu Pairuri ki Taranaki, interpreted as, the wrap-around holistic care a person and their whānau family receives from Hospice Taranaki before, during and after the end of their life.  


Te Kahu Pairuri ki Taranaki was provided by Registered Translator Ngaringi Katipa in consultation with Professor Timoti Karetu and Hospice New Zealand in 2019. At this time a consultation document with a background to the translation was circulated to local Iwi, Hospice Taranaki Staff and others for feedback. The logo graphic was commissioned by Hospice New Zealand in 2021 and created by Re:brand.