Thank you Lions Foundation & Tasman Toyota

Thank you Lions Foundation & Tasman Toyota

Thank you for the fantastic Toyota car ...

an exciting day as the team of Tasman Toyota handed the keys for this shiny Toyota Corolla to Kevin Nielsen, Ceo Hospice Taranaki.

Used vehicles Sales Consultant Tim Megchelse hands the keys to Kevin - Vanessa Sumpter, Customer Relationship Manager kept an eye on everything. Kevin is not letting go of this opportunity for us to finally have a Toyota join our very small fleet.

Lions Foundation provided the generous grant to purchase a replacement car. Tasman Toyota and Toyota NZ supported Hospice Taranaki by finding a car that more than meet the budget - thanks CEO Tasman Toyota James Crighton for making this happen. The Hospice Taranaki team were thrilled to get up close to this set of fancy wheels. Our nurses were only interested in; how easy it is to drive, if they will be comfortable no matter the hour they are on the road, and how much room there is - as they often take out specialist equipment for the patient. Importantly the team loved the colour!  Budget wise we are thrilled that this car will be far more fuel efficient than the vehicle it is replacing.

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